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  1. Learn to live in the moment


  Life is a wonderful adventure filled with enriching experiences and endlesspossibilities. Don’t just go through the motions of repetitive activities andboring tasks. No! Being a mindless zombie can make you more likely to takethings for granted. Instead of doing something just for the sake of doing it,actually make an effort to savor the experience. You’re supposed to attend aconference? Absorb it. Babysit your niece? Savor the moment. Eat a 15-minutelunch? Taste each bite.


  2. Make an Oath of Gratitude


  Being aware of your goal to be more grateful can help you look for thingsto be really more grateful for. Gratitude is a conscious decision. You have topractice it consistently.


  3. Immerse yourself with inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes


  Your feeling of gratitude is a direct manifestation of your environment. Ifyou feel more driven, more passionate, and more alive, you are also bound toappreciate more, live more, and be more content.


  4. Make your own Gratitude Board


  You’ve heard of Motivation Boards, Disaster Boards and Dream Boards, so whycan’t you have Gratitude Boards as well? Instead of posting your dreams and yourdisasters, it’s better for you to post the ideals that you feel grateful for.Just a hint: focus more on people and experiences rather than on materialisticstuff that don’t necessarily last very long.


  5. Control your thoughts


  Of course you have the power to control what you’re thinking of! Considerthis exercise, for example: if you find yourself thinking more and moreself-entitled, stop. If you find yourself repeating negative junk, stop. And ifyou find yourself comparing yourself to other people, stop. You are givenconsciousness. Make use of it wisely.


  6. Always resist the temptation of comparing yourself with other people


  As humans, we have the natural tendency to compare ourselves with otherswith the hope of attaining satisfaction. Right now, I’m telling you that thisactivity does not help you feel to be more grateful in life. It does theopposite! You will always be meeting someone richer, more attractive, moresuccessful and more intelligent than you are. Comparison will just rob you offyour self-worth and make you feel inferior to others! Don’t do it, please.


  7. Watch your words


  You can feel more grateful in life if you are using more positive and moreenlightening words. Words that stress you and make you feel worthless shoulddefinitely be eliminated.


  8. Appreciate what you have right now


  The happiest people are those who are contented with what they currentlyhave, not with what they lack. Apply an abundance mindset in your way ofthinking – every action begins with the mind, after all.


  9. Acknowledge the past, but move on


  I’m not saying that you should ignore the past, naturally. That’simpossible. What I’m saying is that you should be aware of your past mistakes,past heartbreaks, past failures and past frustrations. Use them as steppingstones. Acknowledge the fact that they did happen in the past and utilize thelessons you learned from them in the present so that you won’t experience themin the future. Be more grateful of the bad as well!


  10. Help other people and touch their lives meaningfully


  There really is nothing more rewarding in this world than helping otherpeople improve their lives. This activity doesn’t only make you feel great aboutyourself – it also makes you value what you have in your life. Go on and sponsora child’s education. Give your old clothes and books to a charitableinstitution. Donate your time and offer to teach children for free once a week.Hold feeding programs with non-profit organizations.


  Every little thing counts. You have the ability to make yourself feel to bemore grateful in your life – never let anybody tell you different.


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